Whether you’re daydreaming about your 2020 trip to Salone del Mobile, planning to check out the global foodservice equipment and more at Host Milano, or just daydreaming about Italy, let these five restaurants that cross styles and price points inspire your journey.

Seeking to offer a richer customer experience, venerable ice cream chain Baskin-Robbins has introduced a new store design called Moments.

“We want to offer a relevant, premium experience. We are known for our premium ice cream, and we really wanted to step up the guest experience inside the store,” says George Begovich, director of development for Baskin-Robbins U.S.

Downtown Sporting Club

Home to country music and a thriving foodie scene, Nashville has a crop of fun, trendy, beautiful restaurants to check out on your next visit. 

Otra Vez, New Orleans

When principals at real estate development firm The Domain Companies went looking for a restaurant concept to anchor The Standard, a new 15-story, $80-million luxury condo project in New Orleans’ mixed-use South Market District development, they cast a wide net.


Melding luxury and sustainability, London agency FormRoom developed the concept and design for Kailo.

An iconic, defunct landmark in Southampton, N.Y., has been reimaged.

Once the Princess Diner, the new Silver Lining Diner both modernizes and upscales the traditional diner experience with year-round seasonal fare and local sourcing.

Art at Peppervine

Artwork in restaurants is often an afterthought, added to finish off the space or provide a local flair, but for some restaurants, art is part of the central vision for the space, included in plans from the beginning and as integral to the ambience as the food and furniture.

The Mid City neighborhood of Baton Rouge, La., has undergone a revitalization in recent years, with more businesses, shops and, yes, restaurants popping up.

One of these is Rocca Pizzeria, a full-service operation that specializes in Neapolitan pizza and pasta made in house. The restaurant, which opened its doors in 2017, was designed by Ritter Maher Architects. The operation actually spans two separate buildings with a shared wall. Naturally, this presented some high hurdles to clear during the design.