After helping his firm secure a 2020 James Beard Award for restaurant design, Mike Mora sat down with rd+d to share some best practices.

The rd+d editors rounded up a few of the most popular (and most Instagrammable) outdoor dining designs from our 2020 feed.

Designing a restaurant in a landmark building in a downtown area is no easy task. And doing so to meet the unique needs of various audience segments across multiple dayparts only makes the process more challenging.

Hot-pot chain The Dolar Shop opened a flagship U.S. restaurant in New York City’s East Village neighborhood.

Mama Delia offers an elevated, contemporary and immersive Spanish dining experience, one that includes a sherry bar, chef’s counter and “ultramarino” (Spanish for neighborhood gourmet market).

Here are six designs our editors just can't get enough of. 

YUDIN Design took inspiration from the state and the idea of California as a sun-drenched coastal region with a long-standing love of pan-Asian cuisine. 

Makelines foster interaction between guests and staff, offering high customization, and using fresh, visually attractive fruits, vegetables and other fare to convey a healthy food vibe.