Today a new wave of speakeasies is rising. They’ve ditched the Gatsby glam in favor of emphasizing distinctive decor schemes — but have retained those hush-hush entrances. 

In 2017 Sahil Rahman and his business partner Rahul Vinod opened the first location of Rasa, an Indian fast-casual restaurant, in Washington, D.C., which has now grown to three units.

With a new look, this polished-casual chain wants to turn a night out into an immersive experience.

Ten years ago, restaurant development + design celebrated its own grand opening, bringing a fresh new editorial concept to market: a magazine we hoped would feel a bit like a communal table or comfortable gathering spot for folks involved in the various aspects of developing, designing and building out restaurants.

Inspired by the traditional trattoria of Rome, Bacetti opened in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, Calif., in November of 2021. 

There’s an apocryphal saying that the Chinese character for crisis means both “danger” and “opportunity.” It’s not true, but the underlying idea that extremely difficult situations also present chances for growth certainly is. And the COVID-19 pandemic was clearly one of these situations.

How Boozehounds morphed from a dog-friendly bar into a full-blown restaurant, lounge and coffee/co-working space that’s comfortable, contemporary, stylish and playful.

When the COVID-19 pandemic effectively forced a nearly nationwide shutdown of in-person dining in 2020, establishments like Pizza Inn had an existential crisis.