Based in Baton Rouge, La., Rouj is a high-end Creole concept owned by City Group Hospitality. The restaurant, which opened its doors in 2019, was designed by Ritter Maher Architects, which handled both the architectural and interior design.

Bring Nature In With Biophilic Design

Bringing the outdoors in for desk- and tech-tethered consumers, designers are embracing biophilic design for its enduring aesthetic appeal and, increasingly, for its well-documented benefits to the human psyche.

Peppervine, Artful in Design, Memorable in Experience

Charlotte, N.C.’s upscale, award-winning dining venue, Peppervine, became an overnight sensation when it opened its doors last March in the city’s SouthPark area. Getting those doors open, however, took time, proving the power of both patience and committed partners in development projects.

Have you ever listened to an intelligent person discussing the federal budget or our national economy and mistakenly say the word “millions” when they really mean “billions.” It happens all the time if you listen for it.

After the COVID-19 pandemic forced the closure of thousands of restaurants and other foodservice operations nationwide, many businesses had to quickly shift gears and figure out if revenues from takeout and delivery would be enough to sustain the company through stay-at-home orders or if it made better financial sense to close completely. Some did both to see which worked.

Located in a rehabbed apartment building that once housed Detroit’s carpenters’ union headquarters, Hammer & Nail is a cocktail bar with a decidedly mid-century modern aesthetic that reflects the building’s original design.

Restaurant bars should always stand out. They’re social by nature and therefore play an important role in the social aspect of going out.

In each issue of rd+d, you should learn something. Here are some topline takeaways I got from this issue: