For many customers, sights and sounds are important parts of a restaurant visit. Whether it’s background music, a lively pop soundtrack, TVs showing a big sporting event or a DJ laying down beats, audiovisual elements help define an establishment and can be integral to the customer experience.

This three-level row house in Washington, D.C. is an Italian concept targeting Millennials, with a darker design and a focus on the bar.

Red Plate

Take a tour of some of Las Vegas' best-designed restaurants. 

A World View - Feya, London

Located in West London’s most luxurious shopping district, Feya Cafe’s flagship in Knightsbridge features a fantastical interior designed by FormRoom.

Designing Sustainably

Sustainability affects every aspect of modern restaurants. Whether it’s repurposed materials used as front-of-house decor or kitchen equipment that conserves water and energy, sustainability has become a consideration in almost every purchase decision, both in new construction and in renovations.

Based in Miami, Fla., Navé is an upscale seafood/pasta restaurant owned by Ariete Hospitality Group.

Getting creative in the restaurant industry doesn’t just put you ahead now. It keeps your restaurant alive.

Designers Dish 2020!

Ever wish you could pull up a chair with a few crack restaurant designers over cocktails to chew the fat about what’s in, what’s out, what inspires them, how they handle tough client issues and what they see coming around the bend? Us too.