In Boston, COJE Management Group is synonymous with dining that offers great food, social-media-friendly drinks, and maximalist designs that together create memorable, immersive dining experiences at their restaurants and bars.

Masti, a Hindi word that loosely translates to “fun and mischief,’” is a new restaurant that offers Indian-inspired global cuisine to guests of The Dubai Edition Hotel, located in Dubai. 

The space and existing materials had just the right elements of natural imperfection to begin building the Janken aesthetic.

When asked to name the biggest front-of-the-house restaurant design mistakes they see in the wild, rd+d readers had plenty of opinions.

Restaurants have one chance to make a great first impression. Small design errors can lead to a bad customer experience, no matter how stellar the food is.

Nostalgia is a big driver in restaurant design.

This oasis blends Vietnamese collectibles and vintage materials with interesting modern surfaces, fabulous French finds and a pastel color palette that evokes the tropics.

A multi-tiered dining and entertainment space has just entered the historic downtown Charleston market. Here's a look inside.