YUDIN Design took inspiration from the state and the idea of California as a sun-drenched coastal region with a long-standing love of pan-Asian cuisine. 

Makelines foster interaction between guests and staff, offering high customization, and using fresh, visually attractive fruits, vegetables and other fare to convey a healthy food vibe.

Steakhouse concepts are typically “masculine” spaces with dark woods, low lighting and heavy, dark leather upholstery. Meat Market is a different beast.

You know when a ventilation system is performing well when nobody notices it. There’s a lot that goes into the design to achieve that result, though, and it’s critical to get the details right.


Turning around a concept with a declining store count is never easy.

San Francisco-based Mozzeria has served as a space that is welcoming and accommodating to deaf individuals, making it a well-known spot in the global deaf community.

Across many northern states in the U.S., the weather’s rapidly cooling, which isn’t good news when the majority of your customers are dining outdoors. Here we offer up five best practices for extending the use of outside space.

4 keys to successfully evolving a brand.