What are the key elements in designing a restaurant? 

News and pop culture is awash in handwringing about artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots.

In the ever-evolving world of restaurants, much positive change has happened over the past few years when it comes to a growing acceptance of diversity among the ranks of foodservice frontline workers, managers and even executives.

With pandemic fears receding, it turns out that patrons still love al fresco dining.

An Italian restaurant, inspired by the rustic trattorias of Puglia, hides in a quaint countryside village on the outskirts of Manchester. 

Outdoor seating is also a boon to operators, who can boost their profit margins with more seats. Here we offer six best practices for creating flexible outdoor spaces.

Self-service kiosks and automated ordering stations have become more commonplace in both quick-service and fast-casual restaurants. 

The death of on-premises dining has been overstated — at least according to rd+d’s latest pulse survey.