Steak-ing a Claim

Think of a steakhouse. It has dark wood furnishings, deep red, maroon and green upholstery. It maybe doesn’t have cigar smoke wafting around, but it feels as though it does. In fact, it feels like a gentleman’s club from long ago.

Capt’n Jack’s Beach Island Grill offers vacationers and locals alike a relaxed spot where they can grab a drink and a bite in a beach bar setting.

A World View: Miamici in Nice, France

Located in the heart of the seaside city of Nice, France, Miamici is as relaxed and colorful as the French Riviera itself.

Located in Washington, D.C., Astoria is a craft cocktail bar/Sichuan restaurant that opened its doors in the summer of 2019.

Small Footprint, Big Impact

Little by little, restaurants have been getting smaller. Partly a function of rising costs and partly due to consumers’ drift away from on-premises dining, it’s a trend that forces operators and designers alike to sharpen their focus and up their game.

Estimated to be responsible for 20% of the global caviar market, Petrossian’s latest shop and tasting room in Paris sets a backdrop for memorable experiences served in a setting that exemplifies modern, casual luxury.

 Sound control is often overlooked in design and can be costly to rectify.