Mattel and Bucket Listers are partnering to produce a pop-up Barbie-themed restaurant in Chicago and New York City.

Hash Kitchen is a growing breakfast and brunch chain that draws customers in with a smart social media marketing strategy.

Below the lucky cat neon sign in a popular Vietnamese restaurant, patrons find a 36-seat speakeasy with a refined and eclectic vibe.

Panda Express’ latest prototype accomplishes two objectives for the chain: adapt to changing consumer behaviors and celebrate the Chinese-American experience in a thoughtful way.

From acclaimed Chef Peter Hemsley, Aphotic draws inspiration from a Greek prefix meaning “without light."


The designer layered Latin American, Lebanese, and Mediterranean textures and art over classic midcentury materials and colors to create an intimate and cozy space.

Wildseed is a health-focused, vegan restaurant that was designed to feel restorative inside and out. The resulting restaurants offer a lively and energetic take on biophilic design.

Your project is going to take three months longer than expected,” is not a sentence anyone relishes hearing.