Do you make lists and resolutions and balance on the edge of goals and self-defeating 
behaviors this time of year? 
Or is that just me?

Sadelle’s, a powerhouse in New York City’s brunch scene — often touted as having the Big Apple’s best bagel — opened a new location in Las Vegas at the Bellagio hotel.

While traveling through Japan, Jeff King and Sharon LaVoisne, co-owners of Metro Detroit restaurant group Working Class Outlaws, became enamored with izakayas, informal bar/restaurants where businesspeople meet at the end of the day and enjoy drinks and small plates.

Mongolian barbecue was once The Next Big Thing in the restaurant industry.

Owned by Sage Restaurant Group, The Emporium Kitchen & Wine Market offers guests a retail wine/deli component along with a polished-casual restaurant experience. The concept has two locations, both designed with their respective communities in mind.

Fondue chain The Melting Pot is naturally an experience-based concept. Historically, those experiences ran toward celebrations or romantic evenings. The chain recently rolled out a new design meant to expand on those experiences and give guests more reasons and more occasions to visit.

Austin, Texas, is called the Live Music Capital of the World. It's also home many great restaurants. Take a tour of some you shouldn't miss on your next trip.

As an expert in restaurant design, Michael Poris, AIA, is principal of McIntosh Poris Associates, a Michigan-based firm that provides architecture, interior design and urban planning services across a variety of disciplines, including hospitality, retail, residential, multifamily, commercial, adaptive reuse and institutional.