In 1969, inspired by the movie, The African Queen restaurant opened in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, France. The restaurant has been a beloved outpost along the French Riviera ever since.

In 2023, three friends from neighboring Monaco — Riccardo Giraudi, Philippe Schriqui and Patrick Gioannin — purchased the restaurant and set about modernizing it. They had enjoyed visiting the iconic restaurant for decades. French design duo Humbert & Poyet embraced the challenge to update the restaurant without losing what made it special. The new design incorporates both nods to the original movie and the original design of the space as well as the exceptional locale.

The vibe blends a variety of influences, from the restaurant’s 1970s heyday to lush vegetation to views of the Mediterranean. Wood is omnipresent, with panels covering the walls and framed natural fiber panels evoking African mats on the walls. Custom-design light fittings resemble pearl and cowrie shell ornaments. The restaurant’s original orange color remains present on velvet-topped benches. Cushions decorated with zebra patterns accessorize elegant rattan chairs with rounded backs. A red and white striped fabric hangs from the ceiling, suggesting a ship’s sail.

Exotic plants and marble planters throughout bring to mind the rich greenery of the region. The result is idyllic, an otherworldly outpost.