Mean Noodles — a play on the idea of “a mean bowl of noodles” and on the fact that “mean” sounds like the word for “noodles” in Chinese — is a marriage of food and design from openUU, a Hong Kong-based design firm. 

What can I do to prepare my restaurant for takeout and delivery orders?

Detroit’s SheWolf Pastifico & Bar is close to being one of a kind. While house-made pasta is not uncommon, the kitchen at SheWolf actually mills the grains for its pastas in-house.

Julian Hakim, co-owner of The Taco Stand, discusses how he and his partner Aram Baloyan brought their San Diego-based breakfast, lunch and dinner concept to the East Coast.

Have you ever noticed how, over time, a huge number of things become must-haves in a kitchen? I call this The Creep. 

Two of the oldest alcoholic beverages in the Americas are chicha and pulque. Chicha, made from corn, was brewed in much of South and Central America while pulque is rooted in Mexico and made from the sap of agave plants.

Tampa, Fla.-based GrillSmith started out in 2004 as a family-focused casual dining chain. Earlier this year the concept rolled out a new design that represents a shift in strategy.

Catch Hospitality Group opened its sixth Catch restaurant, this one inside Las Vegas’ ARIA Resort & Casino.