The Tap Room, a legendary local tavern that features a historic Norman Rockwell painting, has been renovated by integrated design firm JZA+D, and renamed Yankee Doodle Tap Room. The renovation honors the mural-sized Rockwell painting of Yankee Doodle riding his pony located behind the bar. The painting was to be taken down and put away for the renovation, but it turns out that Rockwell painted it on canvas attached to plaster covering the original masonry, and so the team simply had to work around it. A u-shaped bar was removed, allowing patrons to sit closer and get a better view of the painting while adding more tables to the dining room. New glass was introduced to protect the painting during and after the renovation, and the millworker who fabricated the new bar also replicated the painting’s original frame. The project also involved replacing tap lines, adding new paneling to the walls, and wood-look plank vinyl flooring specified to improve acoustics.

Images courtesy of Palmer Square Management