Beefbar, a glamorous meat-focused fine-dining chain with outposts across the globe, opened its first location in Milan, Italy. The design by Humbert & Poyet of Monaco draws inspiration from major figures of Milanese style from the 1940s to the 1960s.

Like the brand’s previous restaurants, Beefbar Milan offers and celebrates meats in globally popular recipes. In homage to Italian gastronomy, the Milan menu includes wagyu and veal meatballs, pâtes à la carbonara au bœuf de Kobe, and risotto with lemon and braised veal osso buco. Beefbar also offers its own version of black cod miso. The wine list provides a sampling from prestigious cellars and small producers from around the world.

In terms of design, the open kitchen, bar and dining room connect under a dramatically high nave as the restaurant sits inside the former chapel of the Archiepiscopal Seminary. Bronze and frosted glass lamps highlight marble tables and classical chairs below. Uniting the space is its terrazzo floor — a mix of green, black, white and burgundy — done in a wave pattern that pays tribute to the building’s architect Luigi Caccia Dominioni.

Images courtesy of Francis Amiand