This line of touchless, freestanding and wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispensers feature stainless-steel construction. These units can dispense liquid/gel, foam or liquid mist. Operators have the flexibility to change the type of sanitizer over time, per the maker.

This space-saving, hands-free sink features a one piece deep-drawn bowl that measures 9 inches by 9 inches by 5 inches. The unit includes a knee operated pedal for hands-free operation. Knee valve includes a mixing valve to control hot/cold water temperature. Overall unit is 12¼ inches by 16 inches and is made of 18-gauge stainless steel.

Steni Vision is the Norwegian manufacturer’s first range of architectural façade panels available to the U.S. market. Steni Vision panels are made of stone composite and are suitable for use as both exterior and interior walls in commercial projects. Steni Vision includes 14 standard designs and 3 gloss variations, and Steni Vision Custom enables a façade designer to incorporate custom graphics printed directly onto the panels to suit the building or environment.

Stamskin Top Club is a leather-grain texture for the Stamskin Top upholstery range. Stamskin Top Club emulates the appearance of worn leather and is suitable for demanding environments such as outdoor, marine and hospitality. Rated as a heavy-duty material, Stamskin Top Club withstands more than 600,000 double rubs in Wyzenbook testing (ASTM D4157). This fabric provides high outdoor performance, with no color fading from UV exposure and excellent mold resistance, per the maker.

Reflections is the second joint contract upholstery collection for Sunbrella and United Fabrics. Featuring 30 new durable, soft and bleach-cleanable fabrics in tactile textures and coordinating colors, Reflections is designed to hold its vibrant colors even in high-traffic spaces.

The Aurora Series is built from recycled plastic lumber, with a powder coated aluminum frame. The color is consistent throughout the entire plank material and has UV inhibitors. It will not rot, split, crack, or splinter and will hold up in extreme weather conditions, per the maker. The series includes a side chair, bench, and a variety of table sizes, in either surface mount or grout-in dining height table bases.

Peter Meier’s Positanto Table Bases feature zinc undercoating with a smooth matte black powder coat finish for both indoor and outdoor applications. Optional stainless-steel rod and mounting hardware upgrades are available on request. Table and bar height are available for both Positano models. Custom colors are also available.

Suitable for dining, Nestor by MTS features a contemporary design focused on blending the materiality of upholstery, metal and wood. A steel frame supports its square tapered wood legs. Nestor features the MTS COMFORTweb seat that utilizes premium foam, supported by stretch-bands, to create an extremely comfortable seating experience. It nests seat-on-seat up to eight high.

Modular Lighting Instruments — by MLI NA Corporation’s Minude is a minimalist cylinder-shaped lighting fixture. Minude is defined by its pure cylindrical shape with a thin, sharp edge and curved inner side. Suitable for both high and low ceiling applications, the fixture includes a surface-mounted and a stand-alone suspended variant. Minude includes a deep-recessed light source for a glare-free light effect. The fixture comes in a variety of colors including black, champagne, bronze, silver bronze, powder painted black and white.

Defined by clean lines and minimalist textures and colors, Kirei’s New Horizons Collection of acoustic design materials — comprised of EchoEdge, EchoLine45, EchoLine Subway, EchoEmboss, and EchoTile Ascent — offer quality design and noise-management solutions. New Horizons provides a solution to acoustical problems. These items are made from 100% recycled content.