Peter Meier’s Positanto Table Bases feature zinc undercoating with a smooth matte black powder coat finish for both indoor and outdoor applications. Optional stainless-steel rod and mounting hardware upgrades are available on request. Table and bar height are available for both Positano models. Custom colors are also available.

Suitable for dining, Nestor by MTS features a contemporary design focused on blending the materiality of upholstery, metal and wood. A steel frame supports its square tapered wood legs. Nestor features the MTS COMFORTweb seat that utilizes premium foam, supported by stretch-bands, to create an extremely comfortable seating experience. It nests seat-on-seat up to eight high.

Modular Lighting Instruments — by MLI NA Corporation’s Minude is a minimalist cylinder-shaped lighting fixture. Minude is defined by its pure cylindrical shape with a thin, sharp edge and curved inner side. Suitable for both high and low ceiling applications, the fixture includes a surface-mounted and a stand-alone suspended variant. Minude includes a deep-recessed light source for a glare-free light effect. The fixture comes in a variety of colors including black, champagne, bronze, silver bronze, powder painted black and white.

Defined by clean lines and minimalist textures and colors, Kirei’s New Horizons Collection of acoustic design materials — comprised of EchoEdge, EchoLine45, EchoLine Subway, EchoEmboss, and EchoTile Ascent — offer quality design and noise-management solutions. New Horizons provides a solution to acoustical problems. These items are made from 100% recycled content.

Standing 58¼ inches tall, these indoor/outdoor lamps come in a smooth opal white finish and feature UV-resistant polyethylene construction. Available in two styles fixed to the ground and hardwired or portable, with either a concrete or stainless-steel base.

Pulse is an eye-catching pattern reminiscent of bookmatched stone. This environmentally friendly cellulose wallcovering provides texture layered with an eclectic rhythm of color. From marbleized white to the deep green of malachite, Pulse gives nature a lively twist.

Designed by estudi{h}ac, HARI is a seating collection that includes chairs, armchairs and stools inspired by the world of textile looms. HARI seats are made from wood, upholstery and lacquered metals. They are fully customizable.

Glastender’s pull-out wine shelves for bar and low-profile refrigeration models allow easy access to bottled wine selections. Horizontal storage shelves hold up to 8 nested wine bottles each, while upright storage shelves hold up to 39 wine bottles depending on cooler door size and shelf location. Available for one and two zone coolers, pull-out wine shelves can be specified for both space-maximizing and end-wall refrigeration models with one to four doors.

Il Veneziano is a through-body Terrazzo-style porcelain tile that can contribute to the architectural impact of a design. Il Veneziano porcelain tiles retain their aesthetic and physical qualities: effortless manufacturing, twofold natural or polished finish, 5 sizes in 6 colors and 10-millimeter thickness. Designers can customize colors and sizes by selecting background tone, color flecks and format size.

The Bromic Tungsten Portable LPG Gas heater overcomes winds and wastes little to no energy thanks to its use of directional heating elements, allowing it to cover areas of up to 215 square feet. The portable heater measures 85 inches high and weighs 123 pounds.