The PronToe table leveler, compatible with all PMI and other X style table bases with a ¼-20 thread, is manufactured from a high-impact thermoplastic with an over-mold stainless steel insert and features a 7/16-inch adjustment range that can be adjusted by foot. The unique design of the black anodized steel bolt allows the installer to tighten the assembly into the cross-base plate so that while freely adjusting PronToe, the leveler won’t come loose or fall out of the table base.

American made, custom laser-cut panels, with or without embedded LED backlighting, provide distinctive wall decor for restaurant spaces. Lite Tops, a division of lighting fixture manufacturer Cutting Edge Industries, custom cuts a variety of materials offering a wide selection of finishes suited to any aesthetic and brand style. Our pulsed laser technology allows for accurate and intricate cutting of materials ranging from stainless steel, brass and aluminum to wood, acrylic and fabric. Choose from a wide selection of patterns and sizes, or your own custom design or logo.

UpScapers VistaFolia hedges create lush, lightweight privacy hedges and partitions for outdoor dining settings. The realistic, maintenance-free, no-fade and fire-rated artificial hedge foliage is manufactured to withstand the most challenging outdoor climate and light conditions. Finish and blend with color boxes to create customized hedges and green walls.

Serge Ferrari’s Soltis Proof 502 fabric can help operators expand their outdoor footprint and provide a comfortable environment for guests. Applications range from awnings and canopies to enclosures, fixed or retractable. The fabric is available in 40 colors and is waterproof, fire rated, easy to clean and printable. The material protects against bad weather and UV rays and offers dirt- and mold-resistance due to its PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) surface treatment.

Samuelson Furniture’s Banquette #8602 is defined by its semicircular base. Well-suited to restaurant lounge spaces, lobbies and other hospitality settings, the banquette features a recessed walnut base and back-to-back seats separated by quarter-cut walnut veneer back panels accented with LED lighting. Each banquette measures 35 inches high by 114 inches in length, with an overall depth of 72 inches.

OpenClean offers hand-sanitizing door handles that make it easy and intuitive for guests to sanitize their hands at the point of restroom exit. Two models, PullClean and TurnClean, are available. PullClean is a pull handle that fits push-to-enter/pull-to-exit doors and functions like a traditional hand-sanitizer dispenser. The TurnClean unit fits around most turn door handle designs, dispensing sanitizer as the user pushes the integrated paddle. Both models use replaceable hand-sanitizer cartridges with 500 applications per cartridge.

The brainchild of Optimal Holding, manufacturers of automated enclosures for restaurants, and Little consultants, Patio 365 is a year-round outdoor dining solution. It features sliding windows on two sides and is fully integrated with a fan, light and Bluetooth speaker. Prototype dimensions pictured are 9 feet long and 8 feet high. 

Libart Panora View Windows and Doors provide solutions for large openings up to 14 feet wide and 13 feet high. Impact rated systems are available for seacoast restaurant applications. Panels stack within the opening to save floor space and provide optimum room capacity. Window panels stack at the floor to create a glass balustrade. Door panels stack at the top of the opening. Electric operation provides custom ventilation. Screens are available. 

The Mayfield from Crow Works is a steel booth/banquette combo. It features a solid hardwood seat and back attached to a commercial grade steel frame and is available in four lengths and all of Crow Works’ wood and metal finishes. The banquette is made to be fixed to the floor and can be doubled to create a two-sided booth. It is a perfect showcase for the natural grain variations in American White Oak or Black Walnut.

BESEATING’s Garo Chair 

Inspired by the best of both modern and classic design aesthetics, BESEATING’s Garo offers a sleek look in a solid wood stackable chair. Designed for restaurants, Garo is constructed of top-grade, hand-selected European beech or oak wood, which makes it extremely durable, per the maker.