Designed by estudi{h}ac, HARI is a seating collection that includes chairs, armchairs and stools inspired by the world of textile looms. HARI seats are made from wood, upholstery and lacquered metals. They are fully customizable.

Glastender’s pull-out wine shelves for bar and low-profile refrigeration models allow easy access to bottled wine selections. Horizontal storage shelves hold up to 8 nested wine bottles each, while upright storage shelves hold up to 39 wine bottles depending on cooler door size and shelf location. Available for one and two zone coolers, pull-out wine shelves can be specified for both space-maximizing and end-wall refrigeration models with one to four doors.

Il Veneziano is a through-body Terrazzo-style porcelain tile that can contribute to the architectural impact of a design. Il Veneziano porcelain tiles retain their aesthetic and physical qualities: effortless manufacturing, twofold natural or polished finish, 5 sizes in 6 colors and 10-millimeter thickness. Designers can customize colors and sizes by selecting background tone, color flecks and format size.

The Bromic Tungsten Portable LPG Gas heater overcomes winds and wastes little to no energy thanks to its use of directional heating elements, allowing it to cover areas of up to 215 square feet. The portable heater measures 85 inches high and weighs 123 pounds.

Characterized by clean, fresh, and modern design elements like enameled tempered glass and minimalist frameless construction, Euro Style Partitions feature sturdy construction and user privacy, among other elements. Available in many color options and with exclusive LED occupancy lighting, Euro style partitions elevate the appearance of restrooms while keeping traffic flowing. Made of Bradley’s exclusive Phenolic LT material and aluminum framing, the Loft series partitions (pictured) are lighter than comparable partitions but equally durable, per the maker.

Benetti Moss is a maintenance-free vertical garden for interiors made with a 100% natural and stabilized lichen. Place the garden on the walls and even on the ceiling. It offers sound-absorbing qualities and fire-retardant properties. Use the fully customizable Benetti Moss to create shapes and logos in a variety of colors.

Nardi’s Trill outdoor chairs collection comes as an armchair, side chair and barstool. Designed with restaurants in mind and made in Italy of fiberglass reinforced polypropylene resin, the Trill is stackable and able to weather the harshest of climates. Trill is available in the following colors: bianco, antracite, tortora, tabacco, agave, senape and ottanio.

The TurboCool & Heat provides outdoor temperature and humidity control year-round. Each cabinet cools or heats an area of 75 to 125 square feet. The only UL-listed electric outdoor heater with 1,500 watts, per the manufacturer, the unit offers a guaranteed minimum 5,000-hour bulb life. The omnidirectional ports guarantee guests will stay dry with complete evaporation within 3 feet of the discharge nozzles. It is available in multiple color options to complement any aesthetic.

The KOBI collection of double-wall planters offers the styling of a modern planter with the durability of a rotationally molded product. The KOBI features a water reservoir that helps retain soil moisture and it includes a built-in overflow drainage hole to prevent overwatering. Available in a variety of styles and colors to meet various indoor or outdoor needs.

Adapt outdoor areas with FiberBuilt’s 10-foot-by-10-foot Classic Pop-up Tent. Suitable for use in such applications as outdoor dining, pickup or takeout order areas. The tent features one solid side panel and one clear plastic window. The tent sets up without the use of tools, per the maker.