Is the era of authenticity in design finally coming to an end? Will distressed woods, rough metals and muted colors — which served to amplify a collective need for the genuine in a "new normal" — begin to disappear from restaurant design?

Carmel Cafe

New casual dining chain brings the art of modern Mediterranean cuisine and ambiance to life.

Chef Tom Gray

The layout of a restaurant can have a measurable impact on its success. From the communication between the host and kitchen to the placement of walk-ins, restaurant design must do more than provide a backdrop for the dining experience — it has to facilitate efficiency. Yet, you'll be hard pressed to find a chef who doesn't have a list of design blunders that make his or her job harder, or a designer who doesn't unintentionally create them. A too-small service station. Ill-placed walk-ins. High chairs that are always in the way. The list goes on.

Sarah Semple Brown, Semple Brown Design

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Tori Tori's Green Wall

When interior designers use the term "wallcoverings" as part of a restaurant design scheme, they generally refer to a type of highly durable commercial-grade wallpaper. These types of traditional wallcoverings have long been popular and practical design solutions, and in recent years they've also begun to play a role in sustainability.

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Albert Alfonso

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