What colors come to mind when you think of health-oriented restaurants? Earth tones like greens, tans and browns are probably among them. Not so at ReViVer, a new concept touted as "the perfect union of culinary art and nutritional science."

image004-9Opened this summer on New York's 8th Avenue by partners Todd Horowitz, Scott Leibfreid and Bill McDermond, who hope to grow it into a multi-unit endeavor, the 1,200-square-foot, 14-seat fast-casual space was designed by TPG Architecture. The team was given a strict mandate that the design and graphics had to speak to healthy, fresh and made-to-order food while avoiding predictable health restaurant clich├ęs.

The resulting palette was chosen to complement the ReViVer's scientific, yet artfully presented, approach to nutrition: crisp, clean white as a backdrop for a strong, fresh blue as the brand's signature color. Of the choice of blue, TPG's Alec Zaballero notes that it's "an iconic, saturated blue that feels very new; it subtly says crisp, modern and suggests a scientific approach."