Time to Throw in the Towel

excel bg headshot warehouse5065A Q&A with William Gagnon, VP of Marketing & Sales, Excel Dryer

Q: What would you consider to be Excel Dryer’s latest product innovation?

William Gagnon: Our new, sink-mounted XLERATORsync® Hand Dryer; it’s not only our newest product but one that represents a unique collaboration. We worked with a leading design firm to develop XLERATORsync, which is manufactured and distributed exclusively through the D|13 Group in the United States as a key component of the D|13 Sink System. The system seamlessly integrates components of proper hand hygiene in an expertly engineered design, placing no-touch, high-efficiency fixtures together on the sink deck. This facilitates a one-stop process for washing, rinsing and drying hands hygienically and effectively.

d13 applicationThe D|13 Sink System featuring the new, sink-mounted XLERATORsync® Hand Dryer from Excel Dryer seamlessly integrates the soap dispenser, faucet and hand dryer into the sink deck, allowing customers to wash, rinse and dry all in one place.

Q: What advantages does this system offer?

WG: First would be convenience. The integration of all three components, each with an auto sensor, means hand hygiene has never been simpler. There are also superior hygienic benefits, as the sink basin and high-efficiency hand dryer are specifically designed to work together. The XLERATORsync reverses and fans out the high-speed airflow to blow away from the user toward the bottom of the sink basin, which is designed with the appropriate depth and angles to keep the air and water in the sink. The dryer itself includes HEPA filtration, which removes 99.97 percent of potentially present bacteria from the air stream at 0.3 microns. Then, there is the sound reduction; XLERATORsync utilizes a patent-pending sound suppression air delivery system that uses Helmholtz Resonators to completely eliminate the sound from the motor. Combined with the adjustable speed and sound controls that come standard with XLERATOR, you have the quietest, most polite high-efficiency drying system available. Collectively, these unmatched advantages of the D|13 Sink System create the ultimate user experience.

d13 productThe new, sink-mounted XLERATOR® Hand Dryer, XLERATORsync® from Excel Dryer, is the premier choice for those seeking an intuitive, hygienic and aesthetically pleasing sink-mounted option.

Q: How would you describe the look of the D|13 Sink System?

WG: We’ve heard it called sleek, modern and beautiful, with a feel of both high-end luxury and understated simplicity. That agnostic versatility is by design. We set out to build a sink system that would enhance the look of any establishment’s restroom, and that’s just what the D|13 Sink System does. It’s also incomparably customizable, with an array of options available for shape, size, style, materials and configuration. This allows designers to elevate the restroom aesthetic in just the ways they envision.

Q: With the launch of the D|13 Sink System featuring the XLERATORsync Hand Dryer, is Excel Dryer already thinking about its next venture?

WG: This innovation truly is the future of the commercial restroom, and we’re beyond excited to see it come to fruition. Our wheels are always turning for the next great thing, but for the moment, we’re enjoying the restroom revolution that this one has set in motion.

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