Form + Function Innovation Award

Winner: Talk Shop at Ellis & Beer Garden at Caption by Hyatt Beale Street, Memphis, Tenn.

Architecture: HBG Design, Memphis, Tenn.

Interior Design: Customized by HBG Design, based on the brand prototype by Hyatt Hotels

Structural Engineer: Uzun+Case, Atlanta

Mechanical/Plumbing: Innovative Engineering Services, LLC, Bartlett, Tenn.

Electrical Engineer: Canup Engineering, Bartlett, Tenn.

Civil Engineer: Catalyst Design Group, Nashville, Tenn.

Specialty Lighting: DHS Lighting Design, Nashville, Tenn.

General Contractor: Flintco, Memphis, Tenn.

Talk Shop is an all-day lounge space at the Caption by Hyatt Beale Street. It encompasses the entire first floor and includes a lively eatery, market, coffee shop, cocktail bar, beer garden, welcome area and lounge spaces. This was the first iteration of Hyatt’s Caption brand and it has a decidedly modern, tech-friendly and urban bent. “They did a good job creating an all-day dining space,” the judges declared. “I liked the fact that they offered different experiences and all of the little things I’d be looking for there, from food to coffee to drinks.” 

Images courtesy of Dero Sanford/ThinkDero Architectural Photography and Christopher Villano 

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