It’s been seven years since the introduction of the rd+d awards. This program has celebrated the accomplishments of dozens of teams in that time through both booming markets and pandemic winters. This year is no different: There’s plenty to celebrate as the restaurant community continues to rebuild and apply important lessons learned over the last several years of upheaval.

An experienced panel of judges spent an entire day together in November reviewing entries, discussing the merits of the submissions, advocating for their favorite projects and, finally, coming to a consensus to determine the winners, which appear on the following pages. We thank them for their time, and we thank you for your submissions!


Marc Jacobs

Executive Partner & Divisional President

Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises

Jay Ambrocio C. Miranda

Assoc. Principal-Lead Designer

JP Architects Ltd.

Jonathan Nikiel

Project Leader

Reitano Design Group

Jill Ventura

Director of Restaurants

Core States Group

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