Simple, strategic design helps create comfortable, enjoyable family dining experiences.

Great ceiling designs add eye-popping aesthetics, important functionality

Krista Watterworth, of Krista Watterworth Design Studio in Jupiter, Fla., is the star of two HGTV shows and recently teamed up with host Robert Irvine to provide design solutions on Restaurant: Impossible. rd+d asked this restaurant design pro to share a few kid-friendly ideas.

Bright yellow might not work in a lot of restaurant design schemes, but when your concept is all about celebrating grilled cheese sandwiches, it seems a natural choice. 

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Urbana, the Mediterranean dining and cocktail spot in Washington, D.C.’s Hotel Palomar, recently got a few strategic nips and tucks designed to give it a fresh new look and better space utilization.

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Salone Nico at Nico Osteria, Chicago

Industrial-Chic Design Sets the Stage for One Off Hospitality’s Hotel Restaurant Debut