2020 ushered in a new era of outdoor dining, and so the rd+d editors rounded up a few of the most popular (and most Instagrammable) outdoor dining designs from our feed.

Azul on the Rooftop, New York City

Azul on the Roof at Hotel Hugo in New York City evokes a Cuban cantina vibe inspired by old Havana. Rooftop establishments have the added challenge of getting customers to and from the venue efficiently while maintaining appropriate security and safety protocols.

Meat Market, Tampa

Meat Market turns stereotypical steakhouse design on its head. Meat Market has three outdoor spaces: a bar area that connects to the indoor/outdoor raw bar, lounge seating and dining-style seating. The outdoor dining area is set up for vine growth and is also equipped with solar shades. These help with rain and sun and create an intimate space during the winter months.

Le Bilboquet, Denver

In effort to extend the outdoor dining season, Le Bilboquet, which has five locations including in Atlanta and Denver, considered tenting the patios at these two locations, but costs were high. Attaching the tent to an existing overhang significantly reduced costs.

Latin Café 2000, Miami

Latin Cafe 2000’s outdoor seating space is narrow and long between two tall buildings, but faux foliage helped designers create an oasis in this busy urban area. 

DMAC Architecture, Chicago

DMAC Architecture in Chicago has designed a proposal for its hometown’s Winter Dining Challenge. Soft-sided tractor trailers would be parked outside restaurants in streets or parking lots and attach to the restaurant via a canopy.

Honorable Mention:

Capt’n Jack’s Beach Island Grill, Wildwood, N.J.

While technically customers are seated inside, Capt'n Jacks brought the outdoors in by installing a large garage-style security door that's open essentially whenever the restaurant is open.