Marina's Bistro and Rum Bar is bringing the vibrant flavors of Puerto Rico to Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood.

Images courtesy of Marina's Bistro.Images courtesy of Marina's Bistro.

Owner and Chef Eric Roldan crafted a menu that highlights the best of Puerto Rican cuisine, incorporating sustainable and locally sourced ingredients to create a unique dining experience. The restaurant is named after Roldan’s mother and inspired by his Puerto Rican heritage.

After Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, he returned to his hometown of Chicago and started Marina’s as a ghost kitchen, offering innovative Latin fusion cuisine. With Marina's Bistro, Roldan is continuing to showcase the unifying force of food and honor his mother's memory.

Marinas bar

The interior, which was also designed by Roldan, features vibrantly colored chairs, lush ceiling, and earthy tones that inhabit the walls, floor and bar area. Fresh flowers adorn the tables to bring added color to the neutral tones found throughout the restaurant.

"I am thrilled to share my passion for Puerto Rican cuisine with the community," says Chef Eric Roldan. "Marina's Bistro and Rum Bar is a celebration of my family's traditions and recipes, and I am excited to welcome diners to our restaurant."