Best Full-Service Restaurant Design (Check Average Less than $50)

Winner - WIN Bar, Kiev, Ukraine

Designed to encourage a burgeoning wine culture in Kyiv, WIN Bar is located in a building more than 200 years old, and existing brick vaults were left in their original form. All the carpentry — the waiter’s work spaces, bathroom door and bar casing — was created from 90-year-old barrels that held Bordeaux wine. A large 10-top table in the main dining area was made from the top of a 10,000-liter wine barrel. Our judges thought the space “had a warm, rustic, authentic aesthetic,” where “you feel like you’re in a wine cave.” They also liked the lighting and how “the separate rooms provided new experiences” on each subsequent visit. 

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Images courtesy of Roman Kupriyan

Honorable Mention - Matchbox, Woodbridge, Va.

The judges liked the “bold design statements” and felt the restaurant had a “very sustainable” design. 

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Image courtesy of Jim Tetro Architectural Photography

Honorable Mention - Copper Head, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

There were “many great design elements,” but our judges felt the lighting design was “especially good” at Copper Head. 

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Images courtesy of Andrey Avdeenko

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