Form + Function Award

Winner - Food Truck Alley at Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport

A reimagining of a traditional food court, Food Truck Alley offers three separate restaurants and a bar in a unified space. At just 3,805 square feet, the three restaurants share a single kitchen with three separate lines. Digital menu boards were placed on each truck, and a digital concierge helps customers navigate the experience. Our judges felt “they had a lot of challenges” they “cleverly” overcame. While “food trucks are so popular right now,” it was “unexpected” to have “a fun way to dine fast casual” in this kind of space. Finally, they noted that “nothing sells the idea of local better than a food truck.” 

  • Food-Truck-Alley-127
  • Food-Truck-Alley-18
  • Food-Truck-Alley-2

Images courtesy of Metropolitan Airports Commission

Honorable Mention - District Winery, Washington, D.C.

In addition to “meeting their challenges” in wine storage and aging, the design team did so in a “beautiful way,” according to the judges.

  • District_Winery_dining_room
  • District_Winery_entrance
  • District_Winery_exterior

Images courtesy of Michael Moran

Honorable Mention - Town Hall Gurugram, India

  • Owner: Town Hall, New Delhi, India
  • Architect/Interior Designer: group DCA, New Delhi, India
  • Contractor: DCA Workshop, New Delhi, India
  • Lighting and Electrical: Design Matrix, Haryana, India
  • HVAC: Vertex Consultants, Bengaluru, India

Our judges appreciated that “everything was hand-crafted” and like how the design centered the bar.

  • DCA-Town-Hall-17-04-28-andre-j-fanthome-0112
  • DCA_Town_Hall_17_05_02__andre_j_fanthome_0204
  • DCA_Town_Hall_andre_j_fanthome_122

Images courtesy of André J. Fanthome

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