rd+d’s panel of judges spent an entire day reviewing submissions, taking notes, asking questions, advocating for their favorites and sometimes changing each other’s minds in order to narrow the entries down to these chosen few. Projects were scored based on submission criteria and the judges’ knowledge and experience.

Thanks to everyone who took time to submit projects for consideration.


Marc Jacobs Photo Marc Jacobs
Divisional President
Lettuce Entertain You
Jay Miranda Jay Miranda
Restaurant and Retail Design Studio
Chipman Design Architecture
Ash Mohammed Ash Mohammed
Chief Creative Officer
Tony Spata Tony Spata
Building Systems Design — Americas
Hyatt Hotels Corporation

Sara Talleux

Sara Talleux
Simeone Deary Design Group

Best New Prototype

Winner - Tijuana Flats, Orlando, Fla.

The new Amped Up prototype is a unique version of the chain’s Flat Outrageous design. It showcases the chain’s Hot Sauce Bar and its colorful wall murals while also bringing in new elements, including a grab-and-go area. To help drive sales, the takeout area was highlighted with illuminated signage. Additionally, traffic flow was delineated via a strategic seating arrangement and a clearly defined queuing area that features square tube railings and banquette seating. Our judges thought the new prototype was “current and trendy,” that “they appear to have spent their budget very wisely” and they created a “young, hip approach.” 

  • Tijuana_Flats_Millenia-Interior
  • Tijuana_Flats_ordering
  • Tijuana_Flats_seating

Images courtesy of Tijuana Flats

Honorable Mention - Pizza Hut, Shreveport, La.

Our judges noted the design team capably “overcame some significant challenges” in reimaging the chain’s full-service “red roof” design in this new, delivery-based prototype.

  • Pizza-Hut_IMG_0773a
  • Pizza_Hut_0620a_1
  • Pizza_Hut_0801a

Images courtesy of Kevin Falconer

Honorable Mention - Panera Bread, Downers Grove, Ill.

The judges thought the “aesthetics” and “overall front of house design” was “very strong.” 

  • Panera-Order_kiosks_007
  • Panera_prototype
  • Panera_seating_003

Images courtesy of Tony Soluri

Form + Function Award

Winner - Food Truck Alley at Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport

A reimagining of a traditional food court, Food Truck Alley offers three separate restaurants and a bar in a unified space. At just 3,805 square feet, the three restaurants share a single kitchen with three separate lines. Digital menu boards were placed on each truck, and a digital concierge helps customers navigate the experience. Our judges felt “they had a lot of challenges” they “cleverly” overcame. While “food trucks are so popular right now,” it was “unexpected” to have “a fun way to dine fast casual” in this kind of space. Finally, they noted that “nothing sells the idea of local better than a food truck.” 

  • Food-Truck-Alley-127
  • Food-Truck-Alley-18
  • Food-Truck-Alley-2

Images courtesy of Metropolitan Airports Commission

Honorable Mention - District Winery, Washington, D.C.

In addition to “meeting their challenges” in wine storage and aging, the design team did so in a “beautiful way,” according to the judges.

  • District_Winery_dining_room
  • District_Winery_entrance
  • District_Winery_exterior

Images courtesy of Michael Moran

Honorable Mention - Town Hall Gurugram, India

  • Owner: Town Hall, New Delhi, India
  • Architect/Interior Designer: group DCA, New Delhi, India
  • Contractor: DCA Workshop, New Delhi, India
  • Lighting and Electrical: Design Matrix, Haryana, India
  • HVAC: Vertex Consultants, Bengaluru, India

Our judges appreciated that “everything was hand-crafted” and like how the design centered the bar.

  • DCA-Town-Hall-17-04-28-andre-j-fanthome-0112
  • DCA_Town_Hall_17_05_02__andre_j_fanthome_0204
  • DCA_Town_Hall_andre_j_fanthome_122

Images courtesy of André J. Fanthome

Best Limited-Service Restaurant Design

Winner - Gotham Market at the Ashland, Brooklyn, New York

Gotham Market at The Ashland had to respect the cultural and historic neighborhood in which it resides and to harmonize eight distinct venues in one coherent space. Though it’s a new space, the design team wanted it to feel like it had always been there. A mix of exposed industrial materials and sophisticated touches impressed the judges. “They did a good job of using bold statement pieces” like the black steel pipe chandeliers that feature 180 hand-blown glass globes. “There are distinguishable elements to each place, but the space is still cohesive,” the judges said. 

  • Gotham-Market-Brooklyn-2017--265
  • Gotham-Market-Brooklyn-2017--30
  • Gotham-Market-Brooklyn-2017--397

Images courtesy of Eric Laignel

Honorable Mention - On Rye, Washington, D.C.

  • Architect/Interior Designer: HapstakDemetriou+, Washington, D.C.
  • General Contractor: Potomac Construction, Washington, D.C. 
  • Kitchen Consultant: Next Step Design, Annapolis, Md.
  • MEP Consultant Engineers: JB Wyble & Associates, Bethesda, Md.

The judges commended the design team for doing “a great job taking something we all know and refreshing it” with an “approachable” and “clean” design. 

  • 1-On-Rye
  • 5-On-Rye

Images courtesy of Kate Warren

Best Full-Service Restaurant Design (Check Average Less than $50)

Winner - WIN Bar, Kiev, Ukraine

Designed to encourage a burgeoning wine culture in Kyiv, WIN Bar is located in a building more than 200 years old, and existing brick vaults were left in their original form. All the carpentry — the waiter’s work spaces, bathroom door and bar casing — was created from 90-year-old barrels that held Bordeaux wine. A large 10-top table in the main dining area was made from the top of a 10,000-liter wine barrel. Our judges thought the space “had a warm, rustic, authentic aesthetic,” where “you feel like you’re in a wine cave.” They also liked the lighting and how “the separate rooms provided new experiences” on each subsequent visit. 

  • WIN_Bar_by_YOD_03
  • WIN_Bar_by_YOD_05
  • WIN_Bar_by_YOD_09
  • WIN_Bar_by_YOD_12

Images courtesy of Roman Kupriyan

Honorable Mention - Matchbox, Woodbridge, Va.

The judges liked the “bold design statements” and felt the restaurant had a “very sustainable” design. 

  • 02-MatchboxPotMill
  • 03-MatchboxPotMill
  • 05-MatchboxPotMill

Image courtesy of Jim Tetro Architectural Photography

Honorable Mention - Copper Head, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

There were “many great design elements,” but our judges felt the lighting design was “especially good” at Copper Head. 

  • Copper_Head_by_YOD_01
  • Copper_Head_by_YOD_12

Images courtesy of Andrey Avdeenko

Best Full-Service Restaurant Design (Check Average More Than $50) 

Winner - LoggerHead

Logger Head is a speakeasy designed to capitalize on its setting — a building that dates to 1886. Arched domes connect guests to the history and character of the building, and hidden amber lights highlight the ancient masonry construction. The jazzy atmosphere is highlighted by custom lamps that look like old microphones designed by Andrey Galushka. Our judges were taken with the “innovative, unique design,” the “very strong attention to detail” and “good use of lighting.” The judges ultimately declared, “they did a really good job” with the design. 

  • LoggerHead_by_YOD_01
  • LoggerHead_by_YOD_05
  • LoggerHead_by_YOD_06
  • LoggerHead_by_YOD_09

 Images courtesy of Andrey Avdeenko

Honorable Mention - BAO, Kiev, Ukraine

The judges felt “it was a well-thought-out” design that “consistently” incorporated the aesthetics “from floor to ceiling.”

  • BAO_by_YOD_07
  • BAO_by_YOD_09
  • BAO_by_YOD_19

Images courtesy of Andrey Avdeenko

Honorable Mention - Kitchen 21, Brooklyn, New York

“It was a great reuse of an existing space,” according to our panel, who felt the team did a “good job” updating the space.

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Images courtesy of Halkin/Mason Photography

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