Best Full-Service Restaurant Design-Casual Dining

Winner - Mabel’s BBQ, Cleveland

The Mabel’s BBQ project team sought to create a design that evokes the “industrial warmth of eras past” while providing an elevated dining experience for guests. Design challenges included moving the bar, expanding the mezzanine and embracing the character of the space. The judges noted the design was a perfect execution of the brand’s intent.

Mabel's BBQ was featured in rd+d in September 2016. Check out the in-depth profile here.

“You can see the history in it even though it feels modern. The bar feels like a Coleman cooler at a backyard barbecue.” The judges liked the lack of pretention and noted, “It’s relevant and current but has character.” The careful execution also garnered praise: “The sightlines are great,” and “it has a clear entry and a clear dining area. Everything is distinct and well-thought-out.”

For a PDF of Mabel's BBQ's floor plan click here.

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Photos courtesy of Mark Steele Photography 

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