With a 100 units and 30 years behind it, fast-casual chain Saladworks has been gearing up for growth.

In addition to beefing up its franchise team, the chain has been developing corporate stores in two key markets — Atlanta and Dallas-Ft. Worth — that are set to roll out over the next year. The corporate stores will boost the chain’s profile in core markets but will also test efficiencies in technology and operations.

The chain has been working to create stronger revenue streams for existing franchisees including rolling out LTOs and other incentives but the key element is a mandatory store remodel. Rolled out in waves, the intent of the remodel is to create cohesion throughout the system, improve brand awareness and increase system-wide sales. To lend additional support when locations close for a few weeks during the remodel, Saladworks’ corporate team will provide a food truck to park outside so that franchisees can continue serve customers during the construction period.

“The new prototype is the future of Saladworks,” says Patrick Sugrue, president and CEO of Saladworks. “One of our franchisees, Nish Patel, has stores in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and has seen consistent sales growth with double-digit increases in sales after the remodel. We’re confident that the remodel will yield similar results across the system, and we’re committed to helping our franchisees through the transition.”

Saladworks is also launching a technology bundle across the system that includes a unified, cloud-based, POS system; managed internet hardware; online ordering; the brand’s Punchh loyalty program; a digital music system; an online P&L statement tool; and a system-wide intranet and portal.