In the era of bathroom selfies, designers are looking to ramp up the glam in lavatories as a source of untapped design (and marketing) potential for restaurants.

For in-depth coverage on restroom design, check out Form + Function but first, here’s a roundup of some of the most instagrammed restaurant bathrooms on earth.

Sketch, London

Known for it's pink-on-pink dining room, Sketch also boasts otherworldly bathroom pods. 

Obviously, this bathroom is a big, big hit on Instagram. 


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Mallebar Brasserie, Plymouth, Mass.

This restaurant's playful bathroom design encourages selfies with both restrooms featuring whole-wall murals and an adjacent selfie wall.

And the selfie wall in action:


Casa Cruz, London

Casa Cruz uses lighting and mirrors to create drama and depth. 


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And gets lots of bathroom selfie fans to share:


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Catch Seafood Restaurant, Kiev, Urkaine

A high-drama space with interesting lighting, Catch provides several angles for selfie-takers. 


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And pictures of the restaurant's bathroom are almost as popular as the restaurant's overall interior:


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BLVD, Chicago

Designed with a large ladies room and photo ops in mind, BLVD brings golden age glamour to Chicago diners. 

And the ladies bathroom is probably the most Instagrammed spot in the house, with images ranging from selfies to multiple people posed and lounging.


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