Stylish, Durable Outdoor Furniture

DSC 0243Fermob’s Cotton White Bistro chairs and tables at Pilot in Brooklyn.Restaurant furniture, by its very nature, has to be durable. But for Alex Pincus, CEO of the Summer Ops hospitality operations group, durability is especially important. The group operates four restaurants, of which the newest two have outdoor dining: Pilot, on a boat in Brooklyn, and Island Oyster, on a 30,000-square-foot site overlooking New York City.

The furniture at Pilot and Island Oyster has to withstand tough weather conditions, but it also must fit the design aesthetic of the restaurant. “Our restaurants are design-centric, so it’s important for us to have pieces that fit with the character of what we’re trying to convey,” Pincus says. The restaurants are “dealing with the elements on a vigorous level every day,” he says. “It’s really hard to find things that will withstand the elements and, at the same time, look and feel good.”

That’s why Pincus selected Fermob’s Cotton White Bistro chairs and tables. They not only fit the design concept of his upscale casual outdoor restaurants, but they really stand up to the weather. The Bistro chairs are made of lacquered steel and fold easily for storage. The steel tables come in a variety of sizes and shapes that fit every operation. Pincus says that the Fermob Cotton White Bistro furniture “works really well. It’s been extremely resilient.”

Now that he’s used Fermob furniture, would he consider any competitive products? “I haven’t seen anything that I would consider competition,” he says. “It was an ‘all or nothing’ kind of purchase for us once we discovered Fermob. It’s been great.”

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