Full-Service Restaurant Design (Check Average Below $50)

Winner: Sixty Vines, The Woodlands, Texas

Operator: Whiskey Cake Holdings, Dallas
Designer: Foxcroft, Dallas
Architect: Civitarese Morgan Architecture (CMA): Dallas
Contractor: D4 Construction, Rowlett, Texas
Third Party Project Manager: JMK Development, Plano, Texas

Sixty Vines offers wine on tap in its expansive 410-seat two-story space. The primary goal of the project was to renovate an existing space using a design that transports patrons to the tranquility of wine country. Two greenhouses seamlessly bridge the gap between indoors and out, and the team worked to optimize the workflow between the kitchen prep and finish line to minimize movement. 

The judges felt there was “great, efficient flow in this design.” They noted the nice open kitchen, the “great vibe” and felt it was “very inviting,” the “kind of place that encourages you to take your time and enjoy your meal.”

Images courtesy of Charlie Walker Creative

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