Starbucks opened its second location using its express store format in Canada and its seventh overall in Montreal's Central Station.

The inter-city rail station is the second-busiest in Canada and welcomes more than 30 million people every year, most of whom are local commuters, according to a release announcing the opening. The design of the other Montreal Starbucks’ promotes a sit-down cafe experience.

Upon entering the 400-square-foot space a Starbucks employee greets customers and takes their orders via tablet, which sends the information to a barista. Moving through the space, four low-glare monitors serve as digital menu boards. A set of menu options, tailored for the commuter customer, includes the most popular products in Quebec. The menu has a focus on brewed coffee, espresso beverages and a selection of food items, including breakfast sandwiches.

“The express store format is an “espresso shot” version of the store experience Starbucks is known for. Everything about the store design comes together to provide customers with the most streamlined experience in order serve high-quality Starbucks products with speed,” said Chris Tarrant, vice president of store development, Starbucks Canada.

Starbucks operates only four others express stores in North America: Union Station in Toronto, Union Station in Chicago, Wall Street and the Empire State Building in New York City.