The Bantang hot springs in Chaohu are a popular destination for tourists with an interest in wellness. Ippolito Fleitz Group designed a restaurant space that incorporates natural water features into a dynamic dining experience. 

Conceptually, the design flows from the idea that the mountain has two springs, one cold and one hot, which start separately but come together. The entrance to the restaurant is on the upper level. Two paths lead down from the entrance to converge again in the restaurant itself. The direct path takes diners down a wide staircase, while the gallery passage leads past a lounge that offers a magnificent view of the landscape.

Spring Feast serves western-inspired cuisine with a particular focus on the regional spring water for which the area is known. Culinary staff use the water from the springs in the preparation of dishes and as drinking water in the restaurant. The signature dish, for example, is spring water eggs served with truffles and porcini mushrooms.

Images courtesy of OTC Group