This 2,900-square-foot restaurant was designed by Charleston-based David Leboutillier of The Restaurant Studio, who drew inspiration from the Mexican coastline where the jungle meets the sea. Maya’s interiors welcome nature indoors and embrace the region’s eco-design with ubiquitous use of plants and fauna, bright whites, reclaimed timber, organic furnishings and natural textiles. The minimalistic aesthetic and natural elements — including pottery pendant lighting, palm fronds, cascading greenery and candle lighting — immerse guests into a retreat that evokes Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, where daytime cocktails at a laid-back bar transition easily to a dance party under a full moon at night. The space features an open concept, a 44-seat dining room, with a hallway in the back that leads to the restaurant’s 34-seat patio and 10-seat bar. The indoor bar has 16 seats. There is also a collection of South American pottery and a large, ornate glass chandelier anchors the dining room. The patio features a botanical mural by artist Kelly Anderson.

Images courtesy of Andrew Cebulka