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Bonus Content for Nov/Dec 

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  • The Product GuideThe Product Guide
    Searching for a bit of inspiration for your next restaurant project? We’re here to help. For our annual Product Guide, we’ve pulled together a showcase of more products in 10 major categories, from flooring and lighting to outdoor furnishings and rest rooms.
  • Peer to PeerPeer to Peer
    Paula Vissing, senior vice president of international and global procurement for Little Caesars, discusses the pizza giant’s current global expansion plans.
  • Consultant’s Take: Three Phases to Tech Success for New Restaurants
    Digital innovations and smart devices are permanent fixtures. Sam Darwish, president and CEO of Skinny IT, discusses what to expect from IT partners and how to maximize the relationship between restaurants and tech.
  • Project Profile: El Five
    This 300-seat restaurant serves tapas in a vibrant space bookended by unobstructed views of downtown Denver on the east side and of the mountains and the sunset on the west side. A 660-square-foot terrace along the city side instantly put El Five on the short list of top spots in the city for outdoor dining.
  • Reader’s Choices: Megan Walsh, product architectural design for Aria Group Architects