Long John Silver’s will open a new flagship location in Louisville, Ky, in March. The in-line endcap unit will serve as a test-bed for menu and brand innovation for the seafood chain.

“2018 marks an important year in the revitalization of the Long John Silver’s brand, and I can think of no better way to begin than with this new restaurant,” says Long John Silver’s CEO James O’Reilly.

It is only the third major redesign in the brand’s history and will replace the traditional Cape Cod style design that dates back to the brand’s beginning in 1969. 

The exterior redesign features bold, clean lines capped with a railing on the roof that evokes the bow railing on a ship along with red and green nautical lights. The chain has also invested heavily in updating its drive-thru. It now features three 55-inch high-definition digital video screens and updated audio driven by a computer-operated ordering and display system. It is already in place at 40 of the chain’s restaurants.

LJS Chillicothe 30

Nine existing restaurants have already been updated with the new look (including the Chillicothe, Ohio, location, pictured above and below). For existing restaurants, the redesign includes an interior makeover that integrates clean, modern design with wood tones and nautical cues.

LJS IMG 3120

The booth features design touches inspired by the fishing life. 

LJS Chillicothe 35

The solid brass ship’s bell and nautical highlights remain integral parts of the restaurant’s brand image.

LJSFullSizeRender 3

Some doors feature portal-style windows.  

LJS IMG 3178

The lighting mix includes hanging pendants that feature place coordinates.  

LJS IMG 3144

The interior renovation includes the back of the house, where a new, more efficient prep line improved service times and a cooking grill facilitates the rollout of new grilled seafood offerings.