Pizza Hut Slice Concept

Pizza Hut introduced two new fast-casual concept stores featuring an all-new "pizza-by-the-slice" experience, digital menu boards, deck ovens and an open seating environment.

Fresh out of grad school and armed with an MBA, Bill Martens launched his career in the finance department at Yum! Brands, where he spent nine years. Midway through his tenure there, however, the development bug bit Martens and he shifted his career to that side of the business. In 2008, he joined Del Frisco's Restaurant Group (DFRG) in Southlake, Texas, as director of development and in 2011 he advanced to vice president of development and construction. 

Ocean Prime Dining Room

Proactive Air Quality Management Is Mission Critical

With the residential market leading the way, the construction industry is finally on the rebound.

One of the top dogs in the casual-dining space back in the day, Bennigan's suffered a bad case of what Paul Mangiamele calls "brand drift." In taking its eye off the ball, Bennigan's failed to make changes that would keep the chain relevant and competitive. Mangiamele, an industry veteran who took the reins in May 2011 and has written about the chain's renaissance in his book "Bennigan's Return to Relevance...Bleeding Green 25/8," leads the charge to rebrand.

For the past 20 years, our firm has helped leading consumer products companies, including Harley-Davidson, Coca-Cola, Whole Foods, Kraft, Cadbury, JM Smucker and many others, figure out how to manifest their brands in places, spaces and experiences. We've also had the opportunity to work closely with many impressive local and regional retailers, grocery stores, convenience stores and restaurants as they try to build their brand empires and expand their reach.

Lux Research, an independent research firm specializing in emerging technology, says the green commercial building sector is expected to grow by $280 billion globally by 2020. Here are five trends driving that growth: