Dine Brands International opened three IHOP restaurants in Ecuador, continuing its expansion into Latin America. The openings represent the first for IHOP in South America. Two IHOP restaurants operate from the port city of Guayaquil and one from the city of Ambato.

IHOP expects to open 12 restaurants throughout Ecuador by 2024 via an agreement with new franchisee Corporación El Rosado. Dine Brands International also plans to bring IHOP to Peru late in 2019 through an agreement with Percapitals S.A.C. Plans call for the first IHOP restaurant in Peru to open in Lima, with an additional 24 restaurants opening throughout Peru in the next 10 years.

Dine Brands International continues to place a major emphasis on expanding its international presence in Central America, Colombia and Chile. “International expansion is a growth engine for Dine Brands,” says Steve Joyce, CEO of Dine Brands Global Inc. and president of Dine Brands International. IHOP first entered Latin America in 2007 in Mexico, which is now the brand’s largest market outside of the United States.