One Off Hospitality is opening a second location of bourbon- and taco-focused Big Star in Chicago. 

The new location will seek to replicate much of the success of the first unit, a Wicker Park neighborhood taqueria known for its relaxed vibe and relatively inexpensive Mexican street food fare.

Designed by Design Bureaux, the overall aesthetic is meant to evoke the old gas station bars of Bakersfield, Calif. The new location will be located in the Wrigleyville neighborhood within the forthcoming Hotel Zachary, a four-star development from Hickory Street Capital (owners of the Cubs baseball team, headquartered nearby).

Big Star Wrigleyville will cover two stories and 9,000 square feet and, like the original location, will offer a large patio that seats 87. Adding to the indoor/outdoor feel, both levels will feature fully retractable siding.

Inside, the design will be reminiscent of the Wicker Park location with restaurant and bar seating totaling 383. The second floor will be available for private events. A taco takeout window is also planned. Sports drives traffic to Wrigleyville and the new location will have eight retractable TV screens that will be tucked away on non-game days.

Big Star Wrigleyville will double as a performance space, showcasing live music throughout the year.