Located in the Wynwood District in Miami, Florida, Pastificio Propaganda Restaurant is an Italian bistro with a strong Sicilian heritage touch. The brainchild of Italian entrepreneur Fabrizio Gallina, the modern Italian trattoria targets Miami’s upscale Millennial customers.

Designed by Rome’s RPM Proget studio, the 290-square-meter restaurant offers a light, airy and colorful space in which to eat fresh pasta, drink Italian wines and bring some of the spirit of dining in Italy to Miami.

The color scheme of yellow, orange and green recall Italy and Sicily in particular. Ensuring the right greens were dotted throughout the space was a key concern of the design team. Miami’s climate leads to the creation of lush outdoor areas with beautiful trees and palms giving shade and coolness. Conceptually, that idea was reinforced throughout the space. In addition, the owner decided to add large terracotta pots with lemon and orange trees to give an extra touch of Sicilian identity.

Finishes and counters express the charm of Sicilian taverns of the past and feature an aged wood treated with wax and brush paints. The space features the colors and textures found on traditional Sicilian carts — and the decor even highlights part of an authentic cart rescued from the elements.

The restaurant’s design goes a step further to create a sense of place: authentic floors recovered from a 1940s villa and combined with new elements populate the restaurant inside and out. Antiqued mirrors give the space a lived-in ambience reminiscent of Sicilian taverns of the early 20th century.

Iron lamps cast a warm light on tabletops to illuminate dishes but leave everything else in a pleasant half-light.

A major focus of the design is to highlight authentic Italian gastronomic excellence. In the past it was not easy to find authentic Italian products and dishes, but today food suppliers are able to guarantee, at least in Miami, the same products are available as in Italy, including the all-important cheeses, pasta and wines.

Images courtesy of RPM Proget