Modular construction has grown in popularity, as factory-built buildings have become increasingly more sophisticated. Restaurants are turning to modular construction to accelerate expansion, since it shortens construction time and provides consistency, quality and is sustainable. 

Modular construction takes place off-site under controlled conditions. Modules are created using the same materials and building codes required in traditional construction, then delivered to the site and put together. Greater design processes and engineering is needed upfront but there are benefits in key project areas including project scheduling, cost, safety, quality and waste reduction.

Demand for both permanent and temporary modular buildings continues to increase.  Kitchens To Go is well known for temporary (relocatable) modular kitchen projects and has also completed many Permanent Modular Construction (PMC) projects. PMC is used in the same markets as site-built construction. 

Franchise owners of convenience stores, fast food restaurants and coffee shops have all turned to modular construction because faster occupancy equals faster cash flow.  Accelerated timelines enable opening 60 to 90 days sooner than traditional construction in some cases. And, if an operator wants to demolish an existing location and replace it with a new one, speed to re-opening can be expedited using modular. 

Each project is unique, and Kitchens To Go customizes solutions that fit clients’ goals, wants and needs, whether for temporary leased spaces or permanent ones. Our company has four decades of experience and includes licensed architectural, engineering, foodservice and sales team members. Kitchens To Go will provide a solution to meet your needs and exceed expectations.