In each issue of rd+d, you should learn something. Here are some topline takeaways I got from this issue:

  1. The line between retail and restaurants continues to blur and may become invisible if Crate & Barrel has its way. This issue’s Project Profile on Cheesetique also shows how retail and restaurants can do more than co-exist.
  2. Making a co-branded concept work requires respecting the individuality of both brands but also cross-training employees to ensure a seamless, positive experience.
  3. If you’re going to gamble on a concept launch, use evidence-based design practices to hedge your bet.
  4. While sustainability has moved from a buzzword to a workaday practice, there’s always room for innovation.
  5. The entire development cycle is taking longer. Real estate prices are up, as are material costs.
  6. Designers fear the decline of chef-driven indie restaurants, especially in urban markets where rents are high.
  7. Luxury vinyl tile is not recommended for the back of house but it is a solid choice for entryways, hallways and dining areas.
  8. Restaurants can be a key element in reviving urban corridors while also leading the way in on-site farming.
  9. The type of music played in a restaurant determines how many speakers are needed.
  10. Seemingly over-the-top Instagrammable designs are not just photo ops. They can tell a brand’s story.
If you’re not learning something in each issue, we’re missing the mark. If there’s something you want to learn more about, let us know. We’ll find a way to cover it!

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Rebecca Kilbreath, Editor in Chief

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