Under CEO Kevin M. Bazner's leadership, A&W has developed a new brand strategy, the result of which has been nine years of same-store sales growth. The pandemic upended some plans, but the chain still ended the year on a massive upswing.

Nearly half (48.45%) of rd+d readers believe dine-in experiences need to feel like an event post-pandemic — and that means designs will not be stripped down or minimalist in nature, according to a survey of qualified subscribers conducted in December 2020.

Nearly half of all rd+d readers (42.78%) said that improving and expanding off-premises dining across most segments will continue to trend post-pandemic. 

Moving out: here are 4 best practices for moving a brand into suburban locales.

Tijuana Flats’ updated prototype strives to modernize the chain’s design, improve kitchen efficiencies and provide a technological overhaul.

The biggest challenge facing rd+d readers at the moment? Navigating state and local regulations, according to 36.13% of readers responding to a December survey.

The health-forward, Hawaiian-inspired chain will open the first location using these “Cruise Thru” lanes in the spring of 2021.

Main Squeeze Juice Co. will open its first location in the Ft. Worth, Texas, market in late January.