With shifting local regulations, supply chain delays, a labor shortage, and a host of unknowns brought on by a pandemic that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, 2021 was not the easiest year to open a bar or restaurant. Somehow that makes it feel more important than ever to celebrate the ones that managed to open with a business model that works despite all the challenges happening in the world right now. So, let’s take a moment and celebrate these fabulous, functional designs judged to be among the best of the best in rd+d’s annual contest.

And a big thanks to everyone who not only managed to open a restaurant last year but who then also took the time and effort to submit it to the rd+d awards. Thanks also to our judges who made a hybrid of in-person and remote judging work.

Here’s to an award-worthy 2022!

The Judges

Ed Doyle

Marc Jacobs 
Executive Partner & Divisional President 
Juan Martinez, PhD, PE, FCSI
Jay Miranda
Associate Principal - Lead Designer
Jonathan Nikiel
Project Manager 

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