Designed by YOUTH Studios, Sorella is an Italian restaurant located in a quaint countryside village on the outskirts of Manchester. The design was inspired by the rustic trattorias of Puglia, Italy, and that includes everything from the architecture to the use of authentic materials.

YOUTH Studios completed a tour of the Puglia region and the traditional kitchens there prior to taking on this project. That trip informed their design as the desired aesthetic was to meld natural materials like stone, wood and marble with local craftsmanship to capture some of the authenticity of Puglia.

The design incorporates cabinets filled with tableware and other collected pieces bought from antique stores, including vase ware and planters. Subtle lighting throughout the restaurant creates an intimate, candlelit ambiance that highlights the variation in materials and textures. With careful attention to detail, the final product has a moody, cozy aesthetic.

In addition to designing the interiors, YOUTH Studios completed the branding for the space, which included freehand typography inspired by the organic nature of homemade pasta.

Images courtesy of Phoebe Harrison