Readers of rd+d are split on whether the growth in off-premises dining is changing their site selection process.

39% of rd+d readers said that the growth in off-premises dining was not affecting their site selection process, 38% said that it was. The remaining 23% of respondents noted that site selection was not applicable to their current position.

In 2018, interviewees from Site Selection: Disruptions and Shifting Strategies, noted that off-premises sales would begin to impact site selection strategies for many brands. In 2021’s A Guide to Post-Pandemic Site Selection, Jack Hall, vice president of strategic accounts at Buxton, a consumer intelligence technology and analytics firm, noted that between working from home and off-premises dining, site selection strategies would continue to evolve.

rd+d’s ongoing research project periodically surveys qualified subscribers on the state of restaurant development and design. This survey was fielded in June 2022.