A suspended dining room is one of several eye-catching features in Burger King latest design. Developed by the in-house team at Restaurant Brands International, Burger King’s parent company, the design will allow for multiple ordering and delivery modes while operating from a footprint that’s 60% smaller than the chain’s current prototype.

Key features of the new design include:

  • Drive-in: Guests will be able to park their cars in the drive-in area under solar powered canopies, place their orders through the chain’s app or by scanning a QR code at their parking spot, and have food delivered to their cars.
  • Curbside delivery: Guests who place their orders in advance through the mobile app will have dedicated parking spots for curbside delivery. Signage will prompt guests to notify the restaurant on arrival via the chain’s app.
  • Pickup lockers: The restaurant’s exterior will feature coded food lockers for mobile and delivery orders. The food will move straight from the kitchen to the pickup lockers.
  • Drive-thru and walk-up window:A double or triple drive-thru features digital menu boards and merchandising. The multilane ordering and pickup will expedite the process, while a living wall frames the guest’s view into the kitchen interior, featuring the Burger King broiler. An external walk up window on the glass facade will also be an alternative ordering point for takeout.

In addition to the off-premises options, guests will have the opportunity to dine on-site at a shaded outdoor patio. Also, one design element calls for suspending the kitchen and dining room above the drive-thru. Burger King feels this approach will work well in urban settings, where space may be tight. Drive-thru guests will have their order delivered from the suspended kitchen via a conveyor belt system, and each lane has its own pick-up spot.