When asked to offer up their best advice for operators working with restaurant designers, 45% of rd+d readers said that communication and teamwork are key to a successful project, according to a pulse survey fielded in February 2023.

Bringing a clear concept direction was the top piece of advice from 24% of readers. 15% said that operators should trust the designer’s process. And provide a menu concept on which to build your design was the top piece of advice with 13% of readers.

A handful of respondents had a mix of advice, with the most notable being: “Please stop changing things.”

This question was asked as a tie-in to the 2023 Designers Dish! annual roundtable. To read our panelists’ takes on their big pet peeves, check out the feature here.

rd+d’s ongoing research project periodically surveys qualified subscribers on the state of restaurant development and design. This survey was fielded in early February 2023.