In a pulse survey fielded in February 2023, 52% of rd+d readers wished they had a better understanding of consumer behavior.

The survey asked readers what one area they wish they had a better understanding of regarding their work. Marketing and business development came in a distant second with 25% of readers. Real estate was an area in which 12% of designers wish they had a better understanding. Another 6% expressed a desire to have a better understanding of art history or theory.

The final 5% offered a mix of answers, with “finances” or “financing” coming up repeatedly.

This question was asked to tie into the 2023 Designers Dish! annual roundtable. To read our panelists’ takes on their big pet peeves, check out the feature here.

rd+d’s ongoing research project periodically surveys qualified subscribers on the state of restaurant development and design. This survey was fielded in early February 2023.